What We Protect You From

Learn about the various ways thieves can steal and use your information.

How Thieves Steal Your Information

Card Skimming

Anytime you use your credit card at a physical location, whether it’s a restaurant or store, your card and information are at risk.

Email Phishing

Phishing scams consist of fake emails and websites that trick users into entering their personal details, or even their username and password. 

Insecure WiFi Networks

People are often unaware that public WiFi hotspots, such as those at a Starbucks, college, library, or airport, are extremely insecure. Your data can easily be tracked or stolen by hackers on the same network.

Viruses & Malware

Without the proper device protection, you become easily susceptible to malicious files being downloaded onto your computer. These files can then access your information without your authorization. 

Data Breaches

Statistics show that there is a data breach every 8 hours. Most data breaches include the leaking of personal information, namely your name, address, email, and sometimes even your credit card or social security number.

Employment Scams

Fake job posts are also a threat. Since job applications require a lot of personal information, including your social security number, there are often sites that are running fake job postings with the intention of stealing identities. 

14.2 million

credit card numbers exposed in 2017

158 Million

Social Security numbers exposed in data breaches in 2017
Source: Identity Theft Resource Center, 2017

Ways Thieves Use Stolen Info

Credit card fraud—new accounts
Miscellaneous identity theft (2)
Tax fraud
Mobile telephone—new accounts
Credit card fraud—existing accounts


(1) Consumers can report multiple types of identity theft. In 2018, 17 percent of identity theft reports included more than one type of identity theft.
(2) Includes online shopping and payment account fraud, email and social media fraud, and medical services, insurance and securities account fraud, and other identity theft.

Source: Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Sentinel Network.

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